HOT REELS Yarra Ranges

Hot Reels teaser: 

Two of my films have been selected to be exhibited in an Exhibition on Climate: The Colour of Death: White and Sailing. This looks like a wonderful selection and I’m very exited to be apart of this important exhibition along with these amazing artists.

Burrinja Climate Change Biennale presents
Short screen-based works by:

Deborah White, Ian Gibbins, Gabrielle Leah New,
Adam Sebire, LunaSea Studio, Meiwah Williams,
Gus Armstrong, Linda Luke and Martin Fox,
Edwina Green, Peachy & Mosig, Autumn Tansey

Curated by Gretel Taylor
Pedal power outdoor cinema by Little Projector Co.

Feb. 11, 2023 | The Park at Burrinja

Hot Reels info and booking: Burrinja Climate Change Biennale – HOT REELS

Papersaurus at Merri-bek Summer Show, Counihan Gallery

‘Papersaurus-Lamenting the void after the last tree has fallen’ (From the Monsters of Waste Series) is a statement about the impact of deforestation on the planet. In Australia in August we had a 64% increase in deforestation from last year at the same time. Humans are creating a mass extinction event, loss of biodiversity, a climate emergency and plagues from cutting down trees. Trees are our life force. We are symbiotically related to them-we breathe together. Papersaurus mourns the emptiness of a world without trees because without trees and plants life on this planet will cease to exist.

Our Future is Tense…it hangs in the balance. What we do today will either ensure a future for humanity or not…Trees are a huge part of the solution to our future survival. Stop cutting down forests and start planting more trees, creating ecosystems and finding regenerative, chemical free farming alternatives. This is the call to action from Papersaurus speaking for Mother Earth. We have a choice in what the future will look like.

Shown as a digital image so as not to destroy any more trees.

Plasticus makes a star appearance as part of Commune

I was invited to perform as Plasticus as Part of Commune in 2022.

*What is the human race racing towards?*

In a dark and sepulchral world, we sing an acapella wish for the future of humanity.

COMMUNE is an immersive multi-artform event (a blurring of music, dance, lighting design, poetry, bold costumes and theatre), directed by’ The Omega Point and featuring a gothic kaleidoscope of haunting electronic music.

COMMUNE has been devised collaboratively between musicians, dancers, artists to co-create an evocative, dream-like experience.

Taking place In a vast and spartan Carlton church, dominated by a pipe organ soaring toward the sky, COMMUNE draws us together to contemplate the future of humanity – are we on the path to self-destruction or will this be a new awakening?

COMMUNE has been co-devised with a diverse team of established and emerging artists, including physical theatre performers, drawing on a range of forms such as Butoh and the writings of Antonin Artaud. It will feature: musicians as dancers, dancers as musicians, dream-like multimedia immersion in an exploration of possibilities for the future of humanity.

Images by Matt Hrkac

The Crones are Coming!!!


by Gabrielle Leah New and the Space Between Performance Collective

Getting old doesn’t have to mean becoming invisible.

Reclaiming beauty, power, experience, knowledge, strength – and shoving it in everyone’s faces…with elegance (or not)…

Reclaim the Crone is a Performance Installation that explores the reclamation of the Crone/Wise Woman archetype.

Funny. Challenging. Whimsical. Multilayered.

Reclaim the Crone explores the archetypal energy of the Wise Woman or Crone delving into current cultural attitudes toward older women and the feelings of invisibility that older women experience to raise awareness of these issues.

Employing a multi-layered theatrical approach allowing audiences an opportunity to examine their views of older women seeing the beauty, power, experience, knowledge and strength of the aged as a provocation to develop our relationship to Mother Earth as a symbol of the Old Wise Woman.

With: Karen Berger, Helen Smith and Gabrielle Leah New. Music by Norm Skipp.

New Project: What to do with All the Plastic?

During the Great Melbourne Lockdown of 2020 my soft plastic collection at the local Woolies was cancelled after some smart cookie put a used nappy into the mix. The question triggered me to begin weaving our plastic waste to create 3 works; 24 Photographs of the woven pieces “One Small Step’, which were recycled into a monster costume for photos and video performance “Plasticus’, and then an installation ‘Does it Scare you?’.

Exciting Stuff!! Hopefully coming to a gallery soon.

Call of the Running Tide 2021

I have had two video works selected for this years Call of the Running Tide Festival in Port Douglas.

The Spirit of (Our) Nature is a 2018 video performance and a special edit of The Colour of Death : White made in collaboration with Carolyn Cardinet are both being exhibited. In recent years my work has taken on a more environmental and sustainability, one world focus.

If you are in Port Douglas later in the year check it out and support the festival or follow online.

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