The Crones World Domination Fundraiser


Get ready to be part of a revolutionary new mythology that will transform the way we think about aging, environmental sustainability, and social justice! Gabrielle Leah New and The Space Between Performance Collective is thrilled to invite you to support our funding drive for ‘Reclaim the Crone – a seditious new mythology for the coming revolution’ a multi-arts performance that has already captured the hearts and minds of audiences, critics, and industry professionals.

Directed by the incomparable Gabrielle Leah New and produced by the visionary Carol Smith, ‘Reclaim the Crone’ integrates various art forms, including the mesmerizing Butoh, to create an unforgettable theatrical experience that engages your emotions and intellect. With its powerful message of hope, empowerment, and transformation, this production is a game-changer that will resonate with audiences of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds.

Our team is already creating waves with its strong track record of artistic achievement and experience. We have all performed nationally and internationally for years and are confident that we can take ‘Reclaim the Crone’ to audiences worldwide. Our production celebrates diversity and inclusion, reflecting the wisdom and experiences of older women and offering an alternative to the ageist and sexist messages that dominate our culture. We are committed to making our production accessible to all audiences and creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

We are reaching out to you to take ‘Reclaim the Crone’ to the next level, building on the success of its premiere at Drift Arts Festival, Mornington Peninsula. With your support, we can develop a promotional package for the production, build relationships with key stakeholders, and apply for festivals, venues, and further funding. We plan to engage a graphic designer, copywriter, and Arts Marketer to create a high-caliber promotional package that will showcase our production’s artistic merit and relevance to audiences. We will also present an online screening of ‘Reclaim the Crone’ to audiences worldwide and further develop public programs to support the ongoing project.

Join us in making a meaningful impact on the arts community, audiences, and society at large. Help us to inspire positive action and engage with important issues. Together, we can create a future that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, compassion, healing and the power of the Crone archetype. Let’s make history!

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