Papersaurus at Merri-bek Summer Show, Counihan Gallery

‘Papersaurus-Lamenting the void after the last tree has fallen’ (From the Monsters of Waste Series) is a statement about the impact of deforestation on the planet. In Australia in August we had a 64% increase in deforestation from last year at the same time. Humans are creating a mass extinction event, loss of biodiversity, a climate emergency and plagues from cutting down trees. Trees are our life force. We are symbiotically related to them-we breathe together. Papersaurus mourns the emptiness of a world without trees because without trees and plants life on this planet will cease to exist.

Our Future is Tense…it hangs in the balance. What we do today will either ensure a future for humanity or not…Trees are a huge part of the solution to our future survival. Stop cutting down forests and start planting more trees, creating ecosystems and finding regenerative, chemical free farming alternatives. This is the call to action from Papersaurus speaking for Mother Earth. We have a choice in what the future will look like.

Shown as a digital image so as not to destroy any more trees.

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