The Space Between Performance Collective

Mission Statement:

The Space Between is a performance company founded by Gabrielle New in 2009 to create new, original, Australian Performance Art. As the name suggests, the collective is interested in inhabiting the liminal, the border zone-not in terms of perpetuating divisions or dualities, but rather exploring the ways in which perceived dualities mesh and interweave. In this way we explore, through Butoh, Bodyweather and Physical Theatre ‘the space between’ self and other, audience and performer, body and place/environment, interior psyche and exterior action, sensory perception and movement, dance and sound, sculpture and performance etc. We aim to produce new, exciting, Integrated, challenging theatre works at an exceptional standard of excellence that profoundly impacts and stimulates audiences and is socially and culturally relevant to our time and place by working on many levels; the intra-psychic, the personal, the interpersonal, the societal and global.

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