Under the Sword of Damocles


What is it to want?

The gullibility of greed and vain desires.

Beings of the abyss, so full of longing

Glimpsing into a psychic black hole


Exploring themes of GREED through Video Performance ‘Under the Sword of Damocles’ examines the threat that Greed poses on the individual, collective and environment. Looking at how consumer nature consumes.
Filmed by Paula van Beek
Music: Staring At Lightning Strikes, Catching Every One

Exhibited at The Yarra Sculpture Gallery 2016 Summer Artists in Residence Exhibition as part of an immersive installation where the audience enters a darkened space, the video is projected into a black pool of water and reflected onto the ceiling in a world constructed from black fabric.

Prize-winner at YSG Bonanza Exhibition.

Exhibited as part of a 3 piece body of work- THE HUNGER at Re(solve) 2016 at Blindside ARI group exhibition curated by Kali Michailidis . Click Here for the Catalogue Essay


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