Can You/How To/Attempting To Unfuck The World/Yourself/Myself


Unfuck the world Close up Pt 1

This work was shown in India as part of a performance art festival Mother Tongue ,that took place in the Punjab in December 2017 and continues to be developed. The work is very personal and explores the artists attempts and strategies to cope/survive/live in a world gone completely insane (this is her impression any way). Everyday we hear of atrocities/catastrophes/people being fucked over. In this work New uses physical theatre, song, swearing, improvisation, painting installation and performance art to work through the layers of emotion faced at everyday news. Clearing emotions to make space for hope.

It goes through 5 meditations to help with Unfucking.

1. Let it Out. Cathart. Fuck-it Meditation

2. Crying Helps. Weep for the World/Yourself/Myself

3. Share it (or don’t)-the angst, the pain,the frustration

4. Feel the Impotence/Feel the Power. Give a Fuck

5. Fight/Surrender to the Fuckedness

New’s work often references social media and current global issues. Through her art she is working at finding places of commonality and meeting where we join together in the human experience of living in the 21st century.

She is concerned about the climate, greed and non-evidence based politics and her frustration is revealed in a ,gigantic roar, in Can You/How To/Attempting To  Unfuck The World/Yourself/Myself. She invites audiences to participate and witness the pain/anger/frustration and mechanisms for releasing this. Finally she uses comedy, song and community to bring together people to share the hope that can be found in unity.

Performed at Mother Tongue, Chandigarh Museum, India 2017

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