Sensory Line by the EPA for Moreart

Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of November 2018.

Come on a walking adventure exploring the rich sensations of Moreland! Traversing South to North from Jewell to Fawkner, Environmental Performance Authority (EPA) invite participants to follow the lead of their senses: to look, hear, smell, touch – even taste. SENSORY LINE focuses on the places in between that we might usually ignore, treating them as complex, valuable ecosystems. Through live performance and guided participatory activities, the journey will release beauty, surprise and vivid experiences from hitherto unremarked places through the changing atmospheres of day, evening and night.

Please bring your Myki (we might hop on the train), your walking shoes and clothing for various weathers. Eating will be part of our sensory experience along the way, and covered by your ticket. Bring a bottle of water.

Meet at Jewell station Garden Cafe at 3pm and finish at Fawkner station 9pm (approximately).

Half walks available too. Either meet at 3 and finish at 6 in Coburg or Meet at 6 in Coburg at Falafel House and finish at Fawkner.

SENSORY LINE is proudly supported by MoreArt.


Sensory Line

Something I made in India

Check out this performance work I made and performed in India.

It’s called ‘Can You/How To/Attempting To  Unfuck The World/Yourself/Myself’. Think that says it all really.

It goes through 5 meditations to help with Unfucking.

1. Let it Out. Cathart. Fuck-it Meditation

2. Crying Helps. Weep for the World/Yourself/Myself

3. Share it (or don’t)-the angst, the pain,the frustration

4. Feel the Impotence/Feel the Power. Give a Fuck

5. Fight/Surrender to the Fuckedness

Can You/How To/Attempting To Unfuck The World/Yourself/Myself

Check out the video and more about the work here:


Performance on the Ganga in India now on Website.

Met some amazing performers who were interested in environmental performance and Bodyweather so I ran a workshop and we made a work and performed it in Rishikesh on the incredible Ganges River in India.

Check out Ganga Nature on my website 

Contact me if you would like to see the full video.

Images by Rob Cross taken during the workshop on the boarder of Himichal Pradesh and the Punjab 2017

Open Studio



Meet current artist-in-residence Gabrielle Leah New and preview her works-in-progress developed during her residency at Police Point.

Gabrielle has a performance-driven multi-arts practice and is interested in meeting with the public to discuss her work and the concepts she is currently exploring: the archetype of the Shadow Self in ‘Reclaiming Shadows- invite them for tea’ and the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature in ‘The Spirit of (our) Nature’.

WHERE: Gatekeeper’s Cottage, 5 Franklands Drive, Point Nepean National Park, Portsea

WHEN: Saturday, March 10th, 5-6.30pm, LIVE PERFORMANCE at 6 pm


Parking is available on the corner of Defence Road and Franklands Drive, with an approximate 100m walk to the cottage (with the red roof).

Gilded x3Shadow vid still crop