RUST is a multi-arts installation which works to reclaim the Crone/Wise Woman. It explores the resilience, wisdom, and beauty of women as they age in a culture that attempts to make them ‘invisible’, that does not value older age as it does youth. Gaby uses the metaphor of rust, which is the oxidation of metal, like aging is the oxidation of cells- both seemingly unwanted, to discuss the cultural, personal and social constructs around ageing women. This work discusses and rejects the view of the invisible older woman in preference for embracing the aging process. The work aims to reflect the discussion between the power women can experience through aging and the pressures of society that values youth in an immersive multi-medium installation.

RUST incorporates a range of mediums including;

  • 3x rust coloured mono-body prints that fade with each print. These are taken from the artists’ body.
  • Life sized video projection with sound made by the artist using distorted water sounds and a prose monologue.
  • Live performance.

Gaby began working on this project during a residency in Lisbon in 2017 as the Artist approached peri-menopause and her 50th birthday.


The work has been exhibited in a number of incarnations. At : RounaboutLX in Lisbon, Portugal 2017 and at Morni Hills Artist Residency, Punjab India and at Mother Tongue, Chandigarh Museum, India.
Thanks to Andrea Jenkins for her help with composing the wirtten/spoken text.

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