Persephone 7

16523839_1346622498731069_168915417_o.jpg 8 min performance video installation on loop.2016. dimensions variable, Tyvek photo-print, tuelle


‘Persephone 7’ is a performance video installation exploring the psychological feminine journey of self-discovery. It is based on the archetypal myths of Persephone, Innana and Salome. Veiled in the metaphors of Illusion and Time is the truth about who we are.  The cycle of self-discovery- birth, life, death, rebirth.
Persephone 7 utilises Butoh dance performance, installation and projection to communicate the process of transformation of psychological development.

Music: Norman Skipp. Filming: Paul Candy. Photography: Dominik Krupinski

Exhibited: 2016. Surface Reflections|Subterranean Echoes Alternating Current Art Space (Catalogue Essay) and Bonanza, Yarra Sculpture Gallery.

Prize Winner Yarra Sculpture Prize 2016.

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