An Unknowable Mass of Amorphous Zilchness


In An Unknowable Mass of Amorphous Zilchness, New continues her investigation into the ‘Space Between’ as a metaphor of the psychological process of transformation. This new work explores the archetypal journey from chaos to shape, moving from the unknown through a process of confusion and uncertainty, until things take form once more. The realization parallels the artistic process and the psychological journey of change.
Theogony was an ancient Greek who wrote about the Chaos myth. The central character in this installation is named Theogony and represents the archetypal Chaos. From Chaos form took shape in the form of her three children Gaea –Earth, Tartarus- Underworld and Eros – Love. The installation, which includes video performance, sculpture, costume and photography, takes viewers into a world of Chaos, the partially formed and emerging knowable shapes.

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” Chaos was the origin of everything, and the first thing that ever existed. It was the primordial void, the source out of which everything was created, including the universe and the gods. — “

The solo exhibition comprising video, Installation and Live performance and was presented at Red Gallery in 2015


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