The Crones are Coming!!!


by Gabrielle Leah New and the Space Between Performance Collective

Getting old doesn’t have to mean becoming invisible.

Reclaiming beauty, power, experience, knowledge, strength – and shoving it in everyone’s faces…with elegance (or not)…

Reclaim the Crone is a Performance Installation that explores the reclamation of the Crone/Wise Woman archetype.

Funny. Challenging. Whimsical. Multilayered.

Reclaim the Crone explores the archetypal energy of the Wise Woman or Crone delving into current cultural attitudes toward older women and the feelings of invisibility that older women experience to raise awareness of these issues.

Employing a multi-layered theatrical approach allowing audiences an opportunity to examine their views of older women seeing the beauty, power, experience, knowledge and strength of the aged as a provocation to develop our relationship to Mother Earth as a symbol of the Old Wise Woman.

With: Karen Berger, Helen Smith and Gabrielle Leah New. Music by Norm Skipp.

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