NAOMI has Laurels! Official Selection Green Screen Film Festival

Naomi is an ex-mermaid, eco-crusader,
fashionista model originally from
Westernport Bay, Australia.
She has a pet hamster
and a message for the World….

Gabrielle Leah New, Carolyn Cardinet and Phil Soliman collaborate to create this brand new video performance of the times ‘NAOMI’.

Working across a range of mediums including sound, costume, performance and video the artists question the current paradigms and shine a light onto contemporary environmental issues whilst seeking places of hope and beauty amidst feelings of undulating despair and impotence. Naomi is their champion on this crusade to create a better world, she offers some light that change can happen in these dark times.

Naomi is a Mermaid from Westernport Bay, Australia. She moved to L.A to model as a way of raising awareness about plastic waste in the ocean, climate change and sustainable living.

Her dress is constructed from plastic hay bale ties supporting her message of re-use and recycle for a sustainable future.
The audience is taken on a fun yet serious journey through a series of surreal landscapes of altered nature as Naomi’s story unfolds. The beautiful, strange images engage a sense of the mythical as backgrounds morph and kaleidoscope and Naomi multiplies and grows, shrinks and reduces giving a wonderland impression speaking to the sensitivity and resilience of nature. Naomi wants humanity to take more care of our air, water and land and she’s a little bit grumpy with our disrespect and disregard for the elements that sustain all life.

NAOMI will screen at 3pm on Tuesday the 17th of November

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