Extensions of Me


In Extensions of Me Gaby uses found objects to explore extension of the body through time lapsed improvised movement, suggesting ways in which we are impacted on by external factors. How we are shaped and moved by our relationship to the environment and all that is in it. It changes and affects us as we change and alter it. “We are not separate from our world and others but intricately connected. The butterfly flaps its wings…”

The use of found objects reflects how we do not always choose our circumstances, situations, things and people around us and yet we must navigate and interact with what is found to be in our lives at any given moment.

Through the use of performance improvisation techniques she allows the objects to change and direct her movement in this work. The objects become extensions of her body as she has a physical dialogue with them at times responding and at others asking.

Exhibited at PS50 exhibition Extensions 2015

Installation at PS50 Public art Exhibition Extensions .Time lapse videos below.

Installation at PS50 Public art Exhibition Extensions Time lapse videos below.

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